After a long drawn out, back-and-forth war, Irish forces achieved a decisive victory over a combined army of Scots and Swedes.

In the months prior Swedish forces landed in Munster savagely raiding the homesteads and farms that dot the peaceful landscape. Meanwhile Scottish forces retook the fortress of Dumfreys. After a consultation with the Irish Court of United Clans, many advisors recommended a surrender to the enemy. However, General O’Cearbhaill decided upon one last gallant offensive to turn the tide. After Scottish forces engaged a smaller force from the Munster, a force from Tyrone arrived and struck the enemy’s flank turning them to route.

In the wake of this glorious victory, Ireland was able to claim lordship over the Lowlands and establish vassalage over the Isles, all taken in good faith as compensation for the great evils inflicted upon our humble shire by the wicked adversary.