Through Faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit Washes away all Sins

He Became Sin - Glory to God for All Things

During the Time of Troubles, the Caucasian Bastion State of Georgia was forced to fund her gallant armies through any means necessary. This meant selling state offices, advisorships, and granting vestments to the unworthy, in exchange for much-needed gold. Such endemic corruption is indeed a sin against God Himself. As a result, the Kingdom survived, but her offices were in compromised by greedy nobles, unworthy bureaucrats, and lascivious priests. As Scripture has decreed, the wages of sin is death. Over nearly 100 years following the wars, we have sought guidance from the Saints and been doctrinally sound, at great expense monetarily. However, what good is it to invest in worldly objects which moth and rust destroy, when instead fortitude and faith grant Life Everlasting? As such, Georgia is at last free of her corruption and sees the world far clearer, without lenses tinted by worldly woes and corrupted hearts.