Greetings most noble leaders and advisors of Europe and the Levant.

We are the illustrious leaders of Tlemcen, a successor state of the Almohad Caliphate. Our state has endured great hardships these past years. With droughts and the growth of the great Sahara stifling and destroying communities. But not all is lost. A new leader has arisen to guide us, and perhaps, to lead us into a new age and beside him walks two companions.

The first of our Council is none other than the Sultan himself, Lex, who, I pray, shall guide our nation to greatness, and the unification of the Maghreb tribes. May he always follow the words of the prophet in his deeds and be just in all his dealings. I pray for his good health and long rule and swear my loyalty to him.

The second member of our royal council is Oredan, the pirate lord, the royal master of acquisitions, the master of ships, Grand Vizier, to name a few of his titles, both official and unofficial. Indeed, the backbone of previous Sultans wealth has been by looting the coastlines of the Mediterranean. However, one cannot help but wonder if having someone to share power with in such a manner grates on the Sultan – or if the Sultan sees such acts as despoiling the coastlines, even those of infidels, as an affront to humanity under the most word of the prophet.

While I, Indrick151 am little more than a humble scribe, the royal archivist, tasked with recording the history of our fine nation. It is my hope that this history can be more than just the great proclamations of our Sultan and the tales of the generals, but also the stories of the peoples of our realm, of their own trials and tribulations in these times. But perhaps I am too ambitious. Only time will tell.

I feel turbulent times are ahead. And it shall be my honour to record them for posterity so that those who come after may learn from our successes and our mistakes.

– Indrick 151, Royal Chronicler.