A new day dawns.

I write this record, marking the great victory over the Moroccan pretender. We have proven our mettle in battle against armies of the pretender and seized Fez.

The Sultan had decreed that the new lands were to be administered by Emir Zaydan I Saadi. This old friend of the Sultan of Tlemcen had once been lord of these lands, and now he swore to lead the people of Fez and to protect their rights under our esteemed governance.

Our victory and new lands were rewarded by an unexpected gift from the Christians of Iberia. They showered my Sultan with gold. A surprise to be sure. But a welcome one. I choose to believe that it is a reward for killing fellow Muslims and not turning our eyes to the Christians of Iberia.

I worry that these Iberians are so quick to trade us gold for the blood of our brethren. We must be wary of these Castilians.

– Indrick 151, Royal Archivist.