As the histories will tell, The Bold Patriarch in Novogorod, has recently enacted a campaign to consolidate the russian region and drive out the Tatar hordes. But this tale started many years ago before the wars with Novgorod even began.

The Crimean Khanate and the Livonian Order were in talks to find a meaningful and peaceful co-operation agreement, and the Ryazan emissaries were caught up in the harsh Russian winter snows and had yet to reach the halls of the Grandmaster of the Livonian Order, and the Crimean Khanate proposed an agreeable land divide in which they would be allowed to hold the lands of the Ryazan Princes in exchange for a non aggression pact which would then become a defensive pact in time. But it was not to be. Before we had even returned home to our castles in Latvia they snuck off to secret talks with the Ryazan princes and made a deal to feed our lands to the Ryazan as long as they took them as their vassal.

The Grandmaster was of course furious when he heard of this, and so upon the end of our 30 year non aggression pact, he called upon the aid of the Poles and the Lithuanians to right this underhandedness from the crafty Crimeans!

And with God on the side of the newly risen Patriarch of Novgorod, the crusade against the Crimeans was over swiftly.

Understandably after seeing that God was not with the heathens in Crimea, the Ryazan princedom appealed for freedom from their oppressive pact with the Crimeans, and were justly freed by the Livonian Order and we seek to grant them the freedom and autonomy that they so tragically lacked under their former tyrants.

Glory to the Patriarchate of Novgorod!