The Last Crusade

Crusader armies were victories against the forces of Jerusalem, Serbia, Karaman, Ruthenia, and Russia as the Holy Cities of Jerusalem and Antioch were reclaimed by the Holy League. A notable aspect of this was was the participation of Irish forces which marked the largest military operation by the Kingdom of Ireland in history. 40,000 Irish crusaders landed in Northern Spain and marched across the Mediterranean Coast to assist the Holy League in their battles in Croatia. Within the next half-decade Crusader forces fought through the Balkans, into Ukraine, down through the Caucasus, and broke through Anatolia and into the Levant. The fighting was costly especially in the Caucasus Mountain Campaign in which Irish forces suffered many martyrs but managed to take key forts providing access for the Holy League’s armies to pour into Georgia and Asia Minor. The most significant victories the Irish army scored included: The Battle of Nis (1648), the Siege of Lakia (1653), the Capture of Biga (1655), and a successful marine operation on Corfu which successfully seized the fortress island from a beleaguered Jerusalemite garrison. The High King of Ireland has rewarded all soldiers who were involved, paid compensation to the widows of the fallen, and has commissioned a grand monument in Cork to celebrate the glorious victory. God looks favorably upon the pious Irish nation. Erin go Bragh and Glory to God!