Not only decades but centuries later, the history of Kilwa comes to a halt for the first time.

Therefore I wanna spread their incredible development.

How did it all start?

In 1444 a small nation, so-called Hamburg, was trying to spread their believes around Europe. There they encountered resistance for the first time. Therefore they started rethinking their cultural habits and political understanding. Nevertheless they came to the conclusion that their way of handling such matters was the right one for their people.

Their ambiguous diplomat tried it’s best. However his young age was exploited and the diplomatic relations were too weak to retain them from a huge misery.

The next few months were crucial ones for the Hamburger. The deaths were uncountable.

VALE DULCIS ANIMA. – not only the fearless warriors but also the good-natured population.

What should the last few living Hamburger do after their country collapsed?

More firm believing that the republic and humanistic ideas of the Hamburgers were the right one, just to early in history, the diplomatic and the former ruler searched for a nation that thought likewise.

Their search brought them around Europa until they finally found peace in Eastern Africa. The nation was so overwhelmed by their believes and history that they gave them the chance to rule their country. Even changing their political structure. A republic in Africa was born! When spreading this message, it should bring peace over the entire continent.

The diplomat, more eager than ever before to not making the same mistake, started good relations with the Ethiopians from the beginning. Their common believes seemed to be nearly congruent.

The history of Kilwa begins

Their new home was Kilwa – a small nation in Africa. Through their gentle ruler and gifted diplomat, they soon could convert big estates to their own tradition and could form a growing Kilwa.

But that’s not where the story ends, no.
Without the always ongoing struggle to survive in Europe, they started to even populate Australia and some smaller, but not less important and appreciated, islands.

Whilst in Europe a lot weird things were happening (Switzerland forming France, and then going back to calling it Switzerland), peace was spreading around the southern hemisphere. From nearly the entire south of America, over Africa, to Australia.

The threat is getting bigger

Because it would have been a way to boring – and not realistic – story, I also have to tell you about the struggles, that this bright nation had to face.

The internal struggle consists of rebels especially in Africa and the north of South America. But our capable diplomat could convince them slowly for what glorious things Kilwa is standing for.

Nevertheless the first real intimidation came by the Netherlands by conquering the Kap of South Africa. Out of fear the Kilwans sign a Non-Aggression Pact with the Netherlands and therefore could maintain the peace throughout their sphere of influence.

Sadly – oh who would have thought that – the fronts began to stiffen. Diplomats all over the world are working day and night to maintain peace. But it seems inescapable. The worlds fate is sealed. A world war will begin.

The world war starts

Swiss declares war on Prussia. A minor action you think? Oh well… Oh well… Wouldn’t there be numerous pacts, non-aggression clauses, nations supporting other nations and so on.

Once again the world war starts in Europa (I mean, where else should it start). The Kilwans had not to think long about it. Surely they joint war, to help not only because of their allies, but even more to help their friends. Therefore they are fighting on the side of Switzerland.

All the pacts are getting into actions and the war is now not only in Europa and Africa, but also America and Asia.

The Kilwan territories in South America are getting attacked by Britanny. We will never forget these brave citizens, who fought for their lives to maintain Kilwan – at least in their heart the Kilwan spirit will never die.

Kilwan achieved to hold the Andalusians away from Europe, therefore less troops could fight on the other side of the war for Prussia.

When the pope looked to be encircled in a hopeless situation – Kilwan ships accomplished to free him and numerous troops!

Also our brothers in arms, the Deccans, have fought unbelievable fights, seeming to have infinite power going through Asia and fighting in Europe. Everyone can be proud to be allied with them, their fidelity and strength.

To describe every battle int his war, there is not enough time. But I can say – it was definitely a world war.

How it ended you may ask? Well, I just can say, the answer will never be revealed. It was nerve-wracking for all nations. Could Prussia have been defeated? Was the Netherland World Bank too strong for the Swiss-front? What I can say? All the nations won their supporters and their respect by the other ones, indifferent wether these are allies or enemies, already defeated, still struggling or doing great.

The future

What lies before us can not be apprehended by our minds. No matter what would have happened or will happen – Kilwan will live forever in our hearts.

Alea non iacta es per fortunam.

So what can I add?
A big thank you for all the other nations, for the fairplay, for forming an incredible world. On the map and off the map during the diplomatic and off-topic discussions.
Also I do not wanna forget the GMs and all the other people behind this project!
And also thanks to the viewers and the ones who lived with the nations through the game without being a player themselves.