The Hiberno-Dutch Treaty

After a short but bloody and hard fought war the Grand Alliance decided it best to accept defeat and negotiate an end to the war. This tragedy came as a shock to the Irish nation, but despite profound feelings of betrayal, the Irish are not foreigners to suffering, and mitigating disaster is an Irish specialty. The Three-leafed Clover will rise once again.

The Treaty established a new political arrangement in the Isles. Initially Norwegian, Dutch, Breton, and Prussian diplomats demanded very harsh terms including the cessation of northern Ireland, and all of Scotland to Norway, surrender of Irish England to the Dutch, a war-guilt clause, and a heavy payment of reparations to the Bretons and Prussians. However the actions of shrewd Irish diplomats, and friendly Papal intervention managed to salvage Irish territorial integrity. The final treaty dropped the war-guilt clause, rejected Breton payments, reduced Prussian demands, and preserved a continuous Irish possession in Scotland, trading colonies in exchange for a recognition of Irish rights to all of Scotland except a select few ports.

Despite this challenge, the Kingdom of Ireland extends a hand of gratitude to all the nations that came to her defense. Erin go Bragh.