One terrible day came to berlin a harried messenger, he brought terrible news: in far away Georgia the invading armies of muslim Karaman and catholic Jerusalem were invading.

To say this was unjust is minimising things: a catholic helping a muslim to invade another christian? And lets not even speak of Karaman, a nation that embraced orthodox christianity only to show it’s true color by abandoning it? A nation who attacked it’s erstwhile allies in Byzantium? A nation who abused the end of a non-aggression pact to attack Georgia?

This wasn’t an unfair war, this was a massacre, a treasonous attack by a bunch of dishonorable vultures on the weak. But we could not stop it, already where our armies sworn to a fight. Our allies depended on us to put an end tothe frear of France. A true dilema, and we had to decide: it was felt by the Council of Three Dukes that to break our wordwould not be acceptable, and thus the fate of georgia was sealed… or so we thought.

The Georgians fought like lions, time and again they defended their forts and pushed hte hordes of destruction back. They must have been led by the spirit of Alexander himself! Every day day that passed broke our heart a little more to see the georgians show such galantry on the face of impending doom.

And through their courage the georgians pulled annihilation back enough, clawing back enough time for the french forces to be neutralised. A request was sent to our allies for us to pull back from the war and we are proud to say it was instantly allowed.

There was no question, no doubt at what had to be done: messengers were sent to the court at Tbilisi: the prussians were coming. For honor and justice our armies marched, from the plains of France through Germany, the Balkans and to Thrace. With the wrath of god did our troops descend on the karamanese capital and never did they recover it for the duration of the war.

Even farther had our troops to march yet, through the plains of Poland and Lithuania, around the Black Sea and through the Caucasus. With our georgian friends we showed those rats the value of true men of honor.

Some might say we won the war for the georgians, that we were promised things but the truth? Such galantry as their’s deserved to be rewarded. They won their life and freedom themselves.

Because to protect the weak is our vow but to protect the honourable is our pleasure.