For too long have the spiteful monarchs of Europe harassed and disregarded the Swiss people. The worst of criminals have been the Austrians under the tyrannical leadership of the Habsburg line, and while our people have suffered the filthy French have done nothing but laugh at our misery hovering over us as hungry vultures in the sky. 1386 however, marked change as we beat the aggressors back proving our worth, as if God himself recognised our rightful cause, as we stand firm in divine belief of the republican virtues and their place in the Swiss Cantons.

But not all who wander are lost, not all monarchs are tyrants.
Those who lead their people to prosperity and glory while respecting our way of life are always welcome in our halls. We believe in diplomatic pragmatism and that all wounds can heal, all schisms can be mended.
War may ravage Europe once more, but we shall stand as a true bastion where all honest working christians are not only welcome, but treasured, where they surely will prosper, as will our influence as God will once again bless our cause.

Never again will The Exalted Cantons of Switzerland be subjugated, never shall we fall.