The great fjords and tall peaks of Norway formed the landscape from where great men once hailed. Viking conquerors once upon a time set sail from these waters. Great explorers such as Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson sailed further than any man had ever gone before, discovering lands which now only exists in myths and stories.

But the raw power and seamanship of the Norwegians have been tamed by its southern neighbor. Once the wise queen Margrethe I ruled from the land of the Danes. But now these so-called ‘Arch-Kings’, who are equal parts ruthless and incompetent, rule from Copenhagen. The Danish kings are more preoccupied with their destructive wars against the Hanseatic League than actually serving the people of both Norway and Sweden.

With the weak and former Danish king acting as a common pirate in Gotland, a German Christopher von Wittelsbach has been elected as the new King of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It is obvious that a German southerner has no love for the Scandinavian people, and there are whispers of dissatisfaction both in the unruly Sweden but also in the normally quiet Norway.

What lies ahead is unknown, but it is certain that the Danes have had their chance of ruling the Scandinavian people – and wasted it. It is now the duty of the great and proud Norwegian people to pick up the Scandinavian crown with the dignity and honor it deserves – terms most unknown to the horrible Danes.

Norway will once again be the name coupled with the great explorers of the world. From Bohuslän to Finnmark, the Norwegian people yearn for the oceans. There are great mysteries waiting on the other side of the Atlantic, and the Norwegians will be the first to discover them.