The Prince-Elector of Saxony is advised by his three loyal and skilled Counts, taking care of most day to day decision making so the Prince-Elector can focus more on Heavenly matters. The Prince-Elector of Saxony is known worldwide for his benevolence and faith.

To ensure our neighbors are more familiar with the three Counts put in place to deal with most worldly matters, we present a special series on the background of our three Counts. First up: Senco, Graf von Torgau:

The rise of power for Senco, Count of Torgau, started in the year of our Lord 1443.
Joining up at the tender age of 14 Senco fought as a squire and later a knight in the army of John Hunyadi, the white knight. After the peace with the Ottomans, Senco, then Baron of Torgau, found the county in turmoil and upheaval.
The county of Wittenberg was ruled by the Greedy, Malevolent and Cowardly Heinrich von Wittenberg, Count of Wittenberg. The Count of Wittenberg ruled his lands with terror and fear, no noble, clergy, or serf was safe. With his diplomatic skills, he managed to bring together all the Heavenly and Worldly leaders in the county to overthrow the Count of Wittenberg and his loyalists.
Nothing was heard from the Count of Wittenberg or his loyalists ever again, except for the screams that can be heard at night, coming from the castle dungeon.
The Prince-elector in thanks to bringing the county back together and bringing peace and tranquility.
From that day on Senco, Count of Torgau, ruled in Torgau and Wittenberg and was often seen in the capital city of Dresden to act as an advisor to the Prince Elector.