The Anti-crusaders climb over their dead in assaults of Georgian forts.

By force, the peacenik faction of Georgia has signed peace against the Heathens of the Holy Land and their allies. The faction grew in influence at Court due only to the aggressive assaults on Georgian forts. Learning from the mistakes of their brethren a century ago, the Knights and Russians had one goal in mind to break the Bastion: her forts must fall. Such a pressing demand on all the men of Russia brought about the Knights climbing piles of bodies in Erevan and Bitlis, for a combined death toll of over 250,000 in assaults alone. This is heartbreaking news that the devil has convinced the Tsar’s good men to be their meatshields. The Garrison forces wept as they fought their northern brothers, but fought tooth and nail to the last. The Georgian lions killed countless others in the field, but in the end, 220,000 Georgians lay dead in the Crusade.