Team 8 – Warring Walruses – Livonian Order

Team 8 hails from the semi-competitive EU4 Multiplayer Forum group, the Warring Walruses! With a combined EU4 playtime of 9,605 hours you’d think we would be able to play the game by now.

Our Grandmaster, Lysandren learned the Art of War™ from The Cossacks™ after returning via Mare Nostrum™ from a Crusade in search of the heathens of El Dorado™.  He also studied Common Sense™ at Res Publica™ Monastery located near the Third Rome™ .  During his Conquest of Paradise™ in the land of Dharma™, he managed to obtain the Mandate of Heaven™ after experiencing a vision about the Cradle of Civilization™ and the rise of a Purple Phoenix™,  and subsequently returned victorious with the Wealth of Nations™.  He now debates whether to become an Emperor™ who will spread the Rights of Man™ and potentially Rule Britannia™ ushering in a Golden Century™ for his people or to embrace a new culture and spread the music of the “Sabaton Soundtrack™.” to the lands of the American Dream™  all for the low low price of 436 ducats plus tax.

Our Lead Diplomat, AeriaGloris has been the bane of single player AI since the starting days of the game but has experienced an addition to multiplayer in the form of WW campaigns. Since then he has strived to help people feel the pain and suffering of their plans breaking up in front of them. Either through his own incompetence or mass amount of ducats. He is very susceptible to bribery and corruption.

Our Keeper of the Holy Chronicle, Nboaram has been playing EU4 since the Cossacks expansion and regularly writes tier lists for the WW campaign, so he’s really looking forward to the challenge of ensuring the Livonian Order’s great chronicle is thorough and accurate, unlike his tier lists, and reflects our devotion to our holy mission.