Team 6 – Wave of Obscurantism – Georgia

As our name suggests, Wave of Obscurantism is made up of three childhood friends bent on keeping the world in darkness: A hopeful Bureaucrat, an Aspiring Actuary, and an Agent of Lucifer (Jeff Bezos). Hailing from the greatest nation of them all, Ohio, the team intends on not doing what Sherman did to our own Georgia – Namely, burning it to the ground.

The Actuary (UsedKayak) –

The actuary, UsedKayak, has been playing EU4 religiously since the winter of 2014, developing a deep and frankly uncanny knowledge of the game along the way.  Since completing his first One Faith!, UsedKayak has dedicated his Europa career to the advancement of the absurd: be it forming Qing as Cilli, becoming Revolutionary Aachen, or converting to Animist as a nation that clearly shouldn’t be Animist, UsedKayak has probably done it or something similar. Used Kayak’s proudest achievement in EU4 is figuring out a reliable way to spawn cores for nations that do not have them in 1444 or have lost them, a technique first developed to play as Etruria and later applied to such tags as Zhou, Meissen, Sokoto, and a coreless Livonian Order.  When he’s not playing EU4, UsedKayak can often be found sleeping.  Don’t wake him; he’s had a long day.

The Bureaucrat (The_Defenestrator) – The_Defenestrator introduced EuIV to the team back in its accursed era, without even the Art of War. Through the years, he has thrown his fiscal austerity out the window and shelled out repeatedly for every DLC along the way. A history major intent on a career in economic development, the only aspect of EuIV he does not have immediate affinity for is the waiting game. In his waking hours, he can be found tossing around kettlebells or Judo-throwing heathens out of windows.

The Husband (Gunn) – Ever-doting and pious, Gunn is here to restore the kingdom of Georgia to more than just its former glory. An engineer in the making he is the worst and best foe when in a one on one conflict. Does not easily surrender. Can be found either listening to Audiobooks or watching Anime with his wife. Other than that Kyrie Eleison to all of us who compete on this mortal coil.