Team 4 – Crusaders in the North – Friesland

We, the current regents of Friesland, are crusaders from the north, with thirst for adventure and the spirit to never give up!

After years of crusades in foregin lands our foremost crusader, Christopher discovered a treasure unlike any other treasure that had never been seen before in our proud nation, Europa Universalis IV.

After his return to Friesland he shared this treasure with his friend and master tactician, Jonas. Years after they both had taken pleasure in this beloved treasure, they shared the remaining of this most valuable treasure with master spy Hampus, whom had never seen anything like it.

We three holy men are now investing our riches in our country to expand our interest. Our goal is to be a strong, prosperous nation and enlarge our wealth.

We might not be the most experienced of rulers but we have the willpower of the lion of the north, Gustav II Adolf (Yes, we are Swedes).

We are going to bring glory to Friesland just like Gustav did before Lützen 6th of November 1632.

Christopher (Dahlish) – Jonas (Aesperus) – Hampus (Hampilicious)