Team 2 – Khan of Khans – Crimea

Deep in the steppes of southern Russia lie a number of Tatar khanates. One of these Khanates in particular, Crimea, is where the memory of Genghis Khan shall live on in the next 300 years. This Khanate is furthest west of all the other Khanates of the Pontic Steppe, yet it is the most ambitious. After the dissolution of the Golden Horde, one of the successor states of the Mongolian Empire, left a rather large power gap that only a worthy Tatar could fill.

As the Khan of Crimea, I will fill this gap and unite the Tatars under one banner once again like in the times of the Golden Horde, and oust the encroaching Russian state of Muscovy. Despite following the teachings of Sunni Islam, matters of religion matter little to us both in practice within the Khanate and during the flames of conquest. Though we set out to unite the Tatars, we welcome all nomadic peoples, and I dare to dream of one Empire of all ancestors of the great Genghis Khan, reaching from the Black Sea to the Yellow Sea and further south. Furthermore we aim to create an Empire that will stand the test of time.

This is the War Minister, ambassador and Khan, he who hears no evil, Journey_ii. In my second time of this LAN, I will fill this arena with war and intrigue.

Hello, I am Seru, He who speaks no evil, Diplomatic Khan of Crimea. It’s my second time at this event, and as always my dreams are unreasonably large.

Hello I’m Snapper, The Khan of Blind Evil, I’ll be giving this event the best of my humble abilities. I hope you’ll join us in crushing our enemies, seeing them driven before us, and hearing the lamentation of their women.

Welcome to the page for Crimea. My teammates and I welcome you to the Grandest Virtual Lan. I, the War Minister and Khan, hope you will enjoy reading our and our competitors updates on this Grand Chronicle.