Team 13- Munster, Mac Carthy Mor, the quest for Hibernian sovereignty

It is November 10, in the year of our Lord 1444. In the wake of the collapse of royal lordship, our homeland is divided amongst many competing sovereignties, not to mention the English still holding onto Dublin.

The Gaelic people have always been prey to more powerful foreign invaders, be they Normans, Northmen, or Saxons, despite the resilience of the Irish people, a divided Ireland cannot protect the peace and harmony desired by its’ people. In light of this knowledge, and surrounded by opportunistic wolves both East and South, the humble nation of Munster seeks, with God’s blessing, the unification of all Ireland, to ensure a safe and secure society!

Munster seeks friends in all places, and our desire is peace, but shall no one come to our aid, we shall muster the courage to tread alone, as we always have. Ireland may be a weak nation, by the warlike standards of others, but our strength is our faith and people. “The meek shall inherit the Earth (Matthew 5:5)”.