Crimean Khanate, the Succession

The three Khans of Crimea. One Khan speak no evil, one Khan see no evil and one Khan hear no evil.

I am the one who speaks no evil, and shall therefore tell you about our great and mighty nation of Crimea, and about our future endeavours.

It all started back in the year 848 AH, Rajab 29 (apparently it is called 1444 AD, November 11 in european lands) when us three succeeded our dear father, Khan Hacı I Giray. Our most immediate adversary was the vile genoan traders on our coast, who we were friendly reminding whose land exactly they were settling on. Following that, we were bound to clash with our neighbour, the so called “Great Horde”. Nothing great about them, to be honest, and we were to prove this soon.

We’d heard a lot about a conflict between Rome and “Rome”, about a great shism between them both, but we didn’t quite get what they were so mad about. In our experience religion matters very little when being burned, they all seem to burn equally well. Language makes for a much more interesting differenciation, but that too only for a small moment.

Either way, we weren’t too interested in those rumblings as we had heard of rich land to the east, where our ancestors hailed from, and a fancy tall wall. As we were fans of porcelain, we’d be very willing to see just how it was made.

With that, I bid you farewell for now and hope we won’t cross on the battlefield.
I’d really dislike losing our readership to such foolishness.

Seru, Khan of Crimea, He who speaks no Evil.