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In the year of our lord 1445, the court of Munster decided to pursue our long awaited goal of Irish unification to establish our noble intentions of peace, freedom, justice and security to our new Ireland.

The forces of Clan MacCarthy began by declaring war against the weak and corrupt Clans ruling Cork and Tyrone. Cork was incorporated into the Kingdom of Munster, whereas Tyrone was placed under autonomous administration under protection of the King of Munster.

These victories were followed up in 1447 when Munster achieved a decisive field battle against the united armies of Sligo and Ormond. After two brutal sieges Ormond was annexed to the crown of Munster, while Sligo was put under the government of Tyrone.

Scottish interference in our affairs, and rising concerns of English intervention forced a delay, but their warmongering ambitions did little to stop the will of the Irish people, and war was declared against the loyalist nation of Offaly. This war was…Offally quick…. as Munster forces handily won both field and victory, incorporating the petty kingdom into United Irish Clans.

These victories display the sheer will of Clan MacCarthy to united the Irish people, and while a Kildare and Leinster remain beholden to the vile English crown, there exists no force in the Isles, be they Scots or Englishmen, that change the tide of war.