From the shores of the Indian Ocean to the heights of the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Gujarat is rising to prominence. Founded on trade, we use this money to convert the rest of North India to the one true religion, Sikhism. Together with our friends in the Sikh Kingdom of Bengal and the Muslim Kingdom Ethiopia we protect our trade and our continent from foreign invaders.

We have also pledged to protect our friends, the great Kingdom of Georgia, from the Karamni menace. A menace that, I at least, can see as a threat to our trade and security in India.

With the ‘Amaranthine Deal’, we shall protect India from the shore and plateaus to the jungles and mountains. No matter Hindu, Sikh, or Muslim, every Indian falls under our and our friends’ protection. And with the ‘Actual True Pact of Plains and Hills’ we solidify our friendship with our close Georgian neighbors.

It is I, the one who hears no evil, Journey_ii, who writes this in anticipations for the best and preparation for the worst. And as the War minister and King of Gujarat, I wish our friends and enemies the best of luck.