We pray, Lord. Let us open our holy book and read what Matthew wrote: “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despite fully use you, and persecute you”. And in that manner we welcome all Christian in our community. Any Christian believer who does not question the authority of the Pope over Catholic believers and does not follow a false Patriarch shall be welcomed.

The papacy has especially all Catholics in their hearts and is praying for you. For the prosperity of the Catholic world, we want to present you the “Pact of the Holiest See and the pious Catholic Rulers” which grants any member participation in the church not only in the form of cardinals, the privilege of excommunicating your neighbors, a vote on what golden bull to choose and only asks to not hurt the curia by competing for it.

Pact of the Holiest See and the pious Catholic Rulers (Proposal V1)

§1 Every member of the pact recognizes the Pope as true representative of God and does not compete for the Holy See.

§2 Privileges of the members:

§2.1 Only members might receive Cardinals.

§2.2 Members can vote on the Golden Bull.

§2.3 Support in the fight against Heathens.

§2.4 The Pope will personally speak his blessing when a new King/Queen is crowned.

§3 The Pope must do his best to prevent heathenry and bring prosperity to the Catholic world.

§3.1 The Pope must grant excommunication against those who believe in the “AI” god if it is possible for him.

§4 Leaving the Pact of Catholic Rulers without breaking ones oath

§4.1 Members may leave by the pact at any time by formally renouncing one’s membership. If a member wishes to leave in good faith, you may ask the Pope for his approval. Breaking the pact and leaving afterwards is still seen as an oath break.

§4.2 The pope can remove players from the pact if they were unpious.

§5. Breaking the pact

§5.1 Investing influence in the curia without permission by the Pope breaks the pact.

§5.2 Converting to a church not approved by the Pope results in breaking the pact and a public denunciation.

§7 Various:

§7.1 As the pact can be left at any time (see §4.1), it automatically renews.

§7.2 Any pious Christian ruler may ask the Pope to enter the pact.

§7.3 Pope always refers to the ruler of the Papal State in regards to the pact.

So far signed by: Holland, Saxony, Milan, Friesland

We are awaiting responses from the other Catholic rulers.