The battle for Kattegat is over! The citizens of Akershus could with joy watch the Danish galleys splinter and tear against the might of the Norwegian fleet. It is now as clear as the summer-sky: The Norwegian people is more than capable of leading itself. We have realized just how heavy our chains have been, and the Danish crown will soon be one of thorns.

The success of our great fleet has been carried in equal part by our brave men who have taken up arms against the Danish tyrants and their Swedish pet. The submissive Swedish people could not stand against us proud Norwegians and had to fold just like their Danish overlords! This has shown the incompetence of the Swedish local government, and they have forfeited any right to lead the Swedish people: A duty the Norwegians must take upon herself along with her duty to rule the Danish people.

We now stand victorious and free. Our destiny is once again our own and greatness surely awaits the seafaring Norwegians. Our sagas tell of lands to the West where we will find the glory of our ancestors and new riches.