By the will of the Kurfürst von Sachsen, Landgraf von Thüringen, Erzmarschall des heiligen römischen Reichs let it be known that a new administration was formed for his dominion.

On this very morning the prince summoned his three counts who shall bring prosperity and greatness to his family name.

Graf Senco von Torgau

The count of Torgau was a squire and later knight under the White Knight of Wallachia, fighting the Ottoman scourge. Senco is a true diplomat and has a strong sense of righteousness and law. To his friends and allies he is loyal, friendly and someone that can make things happen.But towards the lawless and the unrighteous, his cruelty and wrath know no limits.

Graf Nibor von Zwickau,

Renowned for his visionary Architectural skills but also firm and strict leadership. He brought prosperity to his small county. The county was left to himself by his loving but incapable father. Yet, he managed to turn it into one of the most prosperous one with xa booming cloth industry. Even the often drunken and disordered troops are now well drilled and sizable levie, ready to assist the Kurfürst whenever the need arises. This earned him the position of a highly valued advisor and good friend to the Kurfürst. Although, his at times loose lips are not a welcome trait when at court and discussing important diplomatic matters.

Graf Robespeer von Leipzig

While widely known as a buffoon of many youthful and not so youthful indiscretions none may doubt the count’s gift for law nor his utter and incorruptible dedication to the improvement of the realm and the good of his people.

It is their greatest honor and privilege to embark on this mission. They shall endeavor to act according to the strictest moral considerations and to uphold what is right, good and fair everywhere and every time. They shall be the best of friends to the honest and the weak and the worst of enemies to the schemer, the bully and the oppressor.

Let none doubt their sincerity or dedication!