Greetings fellow rulers and most notable members of the court alike!

The nation of Holland would like to extend its best wishes to all of you. As its current Historian, I, Rutger Wever, shall be looking forward to further communications.

Our most esteemed and noble Diplomat Hendrikus Cuyper always has his door open to diplomatic envoys as well as your communiqués. We place the fate of our people in the capable hands of our most venerable, cunning and wise ruler Johan Jons.

Our court is glorious and large, and as such it features a fourth addition – our brilliant strategist, tactical genius and Master at Arms, Daniel Olafszoon.

We are the representatives of our prosperous but equally generous country. We represent a fair but driven people that wish to move forward with everyone else. Strong relations with fair trade deals and trustworthy longterm relationships are a key pillar of Holland.

May the tulips be forever in your ( and our ) favor.

Rutger Wever