After a long trial, the tactful representative from Ireland, Basileus McGill presented a convincing case and Ireland was acquitted of all charges raised against them by the traitorous Dutch. The representatives from Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Brittany convened and made their case. Initially, it seemed as though the court would be rigged as three of the four nations were at war with the humble nation of Ireland, however our friend Brittany, as always, stood firm and defended Ireland’s right to reclaim lost lands. The Dutch tried to use the rather lackluster argument that Ireland’s actions defied the Treaty of Irish Sovereignty, however the representative from Ireland correctly pointed out that this treaty pertained explicitly to the Grand Crusade against Jerusalem and was null and void in the circumstances of this Great War. Dutch greed for monopolizing trade was obvious throughout the hearings and they even referred to control over Channel trade as “their right”. This victory brings relief to the Irish people who have long been betrayed by foreign oppressors. Ireland stood by her allies and joined a just war to end the global hegemony of the Dutch Imperialist Empire. Glory to God and Erin go Bragh!