With the great nations of Europe being in war, it is of utter most importance that they secure funding for their war machine to go on. Friesland is one of the great nations to do so.

Friesland can proudly announce that we show support to our friends and allies. Prussia have been receiving funds from us during the war against Milan.

Friesland values the GNA highly and will continue to show support and offer resources as the war rages on in our continent.

The Milan aggression should not be taken lightly as it may strengthen their pressure on the north european nations. As a result of this, Friesland encourages all, indeed all who stand up against this oppression to provide resources to Serbia and its allies.

In order to further increase the production in our nation, the government has been looking for a suitable province to use as our new capital. In addition to this, we expect that our recent conquest of Bremen should continue to increase our funding potential. The Holy Roman emperor is certainly not pleased with our aggression against the free cities but his lack of understanding in the current geopolitical situation is nothing but worrisome.

It is an honor for Friesland to assist in this war in any way possible and our hearts stand with the soldiers that have lost their lives protecting their nation against imperialist threats.

Christopher D, Friesland department of foreign affairs