No one expected the great nation of Friesland to survive for long in the political climate of the English Channel.

In order to secure Frieslands survival we had to sign a treaty with Holland to completely disappear from the English Channel trade node by 1470.

After the conqust of Hamburg in 1465 we successfully moved our traders and started our path for survival.

As it seems, no nations had been counting on Friesland as a political power in Europe but as our heavy diplomats secured great alliances to the east, west and north, we were able to become an economically strong independent nation who could fund any nation who protects them in wars.

Hanover was formed after conquests of the Lower saxon culture was successful and then Hanover started not to only focus on economy but also a more stable army. While Hanover could not compete with the great powers of the world, we were most certainly a force to reckon with.

During the years to come we continued to fight wars, and not to mention the first war against Switzerland when we actually managed to conquer a few provinces from them while we were backed up by Prussia.

Then the great war came and things looked grim, but then turned to our favor, and then with the fall of Berlin we saw that the end was near.

But Hanover and the GNA would never give up, and so we would’ve continued to fight this war until the day our nation lies in complete ruins, just to remain loyal to our GNA that ensured Hanovers survival through the entire era.

The key to our success was simply our Frisian diplomatic skills.

Best regards from Team 4 (Friesland/Hanover)

Christopher D, Hampus W, Jonas M

Total combined play time of: 947 hours.

We never expected to go this far, but we did, and we are proud Hanovians!

Until we meet again.

P.S. Ireland didn’t win.