The Georgians are cold because we are truthful. Do not take our statements of good faith as hostility, but merely to hold to the Truth we proclaim, as pious Christians. We do hope the Emperor heeds the wishes of his Brothers in Faith above the coerced and tenuous alliance of necessity with the new Turkmen against the Ottoman Menace.

The Karaman claim on all of Anatolia is founded solely on the granting of the Byzatine Empire in the partition of the Ottomans. The Georgian King was not included in these talks  and the Knights have been granted Anatolian land further delegitimizing this claim, as it flies in the face of the Treaty of Constantinople, as written.  The Kingdom of Georgia has no desire to move any farther west and wish an easement of tensions between the Caucasians and Turkmen, over their rather flimsy claim on all of Anatolia.

This missive is meant to inform regional powers of the openness of our negotiations and truth in our promises. We can guarantee nothing until an agreement is reached.