A day of infamy in Europe


We are sad to announce that we have lost a war against the heretics. Catholicisim has not prevailed in Europe and the increasing threat of the orthodox countries has resulted in a coalition against the Defender of the Faith and Catholic enforcer Milan.

The war was initially declared against Serbia in an ongoing search of St Alberti Bones, that we believe are located in Belgrade, but we were unable to find them since Serbia started to invite more and more allies to the war.

The war escalated quickly to a whole European conflict, involving Netherlands, Prussia, Ruthenia, Jerusalem and Serbia in one side, and the Papal States, Swabia, Ethipia and Milan on the other. This has resulted in a catholic defeat, having to concede de Dalmacian Coast to the Serbians, and establishing a new catholic-heretic pact (The Treaty of Torgau) to be published in the next days.